A solo piece that is exploring the spatial and physical concept of anchoring one body part to a central point, and the possibilities of the body to move around it, over it, referring to it as a gravitation point or a rejection point.
It is a research of the relationship between an anonymous character and this point in space; The body is constantly trying to leave it, as it is pulling it back, trying to catch it, letting go and give up to its "forces".
The piece premiered on April 11th 2014 in "Tmu-na" theater, Tel-Aviv (IL)
The Piece was invited to be develped by MAAT Festival in Lublin, Poland.  Click here to watch the new trailer!
Choreography and performance: Daphna Horenczyk
Music:  Azealia Banks, Chicks On Speed, Anarchic System, Sachiko M
Artistic advisor:  Nitzan Lederman
Light designing:  Amir Castro
Duration:  20 min.



Photography:  M.Rukasz 
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