“Materialistic” was created out of a movement research where I was dealing with the issue of objectifying the human body, creating an image of a ‘lifeless’ material. The research brought up a new movement language that was developed by the dancers and me. It shows the delicacy of the range of being active/passive with the body. It also deals with the anatomical structure of the human body, and the possible manipulations of the joints. The narrative that has developed out of the research was one that tells a story of a still figure that is becoming alive and overcomes its creator. This story is known as a myth in many cultures (ex. Pinocchio), but I chose to be inspired from the story of the Golem from Prague, as it is a jewish folk story which accompanied me in my childhood in Israel.


The piece premiered as a part of "Composer-Choreographer" Project of 'HaTeiva', 2012, Tel-Aviv-Yafo (IL) 



Choreography:  Daphna Horenczyk

Performers:  Alon Bracha, Ma'ayan Horesh

Original music:  Talia Amar


Duration: 15 min.




Photography:  Zohar Ralt

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