Much Ado


Much Ado is a physical Illustration of our inner battles. 

It is dealing with the constant battle we have with our inner demons, voices, good and/or bad thoughts etc.

These "forces" are reprsented by the images created in the space, the movements, the dancers as individuals as well as the dancers as a group.


The piece premiered in SEAD, 2012, Salzburg (AT).



Choreography:  Daphna Horenczyk

Performers:  Gat Goodovitch, Ewa Dziarnowska, Kanako Minami, Maayan Reiter, Matevz Dobaj, Mia Zalukar, Moritz Frischkorn

Music:  The Cramps, Lior Ronen, Unkle,

The xx


Duration:  22 min.


photography:  Fivos Salahs

Video: Eilon Levy


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