Ode to SVM


A collaboration between two artists that is affected by the works of Jan Svankmajer and focuses on the gap between reason and aesthetics.


This is a "Therapoetic" study which presents chronic symptoms that flow into the room and flick their way between Man & Woman, Objects & Viewers.

This is an experiment that processes the image habitually until the loss of the habit itself.

This is a fanatastic world in which symptoms roam and blend into one another - A choreography in a space that its definition is obviously, controversial.


The piece premiered on August 2014 in "Intimadance" Festival, Tmu-na Theater, Tel-Aviv (IL).




Choreography: Daphna Horenczyk & Guy Bernard Reichmann

Performers: Ran Ban Dror, Daphna Horenczyk

Music: Caldara/ M. C. Kiher, J. S. Bach/ The Swingle Singers, Jabberwocky - J.Svankmajer/ Zdenek Liska

Light Designing: Omer Sheizaf



Thanks to Edson Zerati, MD, Shira Freedman and Eyal Bromberg



Photography: Arale Ha'zamzam Ha'boer

Video: Uri Allon & Maya Wasserstrum

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