As an active performer in the contemporary dance and performance-art fields, one is required to have not only high physical and technical skills but to be innovative with one’s presence on stage. Performance consists of executing movements and physical expressions, however, the ‘real magic’ happens when the performer is charging the movement with the endless possibilities of what one could be. Therefore one is continuously faced with the questions: How do the body and mind as one entity wish to exist in a performative situation? Which choices are available for me and when can I let go of decision-making and allow information to be channeled through my body? How do I choose to position the body in a political/ socio-cultural/ aesthetic context?

We will begin with awareness exercises that involve intuitive movement in order to acknowledge the sensations, textures and feelings that are present in the body. We will arise a dialogue between the body and mind, transmitting images into actions in space. We will explore the mechanism of simple and complex movement patterns, by giving tasks in relation to space, to another body, to the initiation of movement, muscle tone, rhythm, musicality, performativity and more. In my class/workshop, I encourage clarity in movement, as well as making conscious decisions in a given form or in improvisation.