Every living creature is nourished from its center to the periphery, and back to the center.
This cycle applies on movement as well.
In my teaching I would like to explore and research the appliance of this assumption as a principle, as a tool to analyzing movement and as a way to maximizing the potential of the individual's movement range and creativity.
Having abilities, technique and good shape is not about what your body can do or having good stamina, it is about how you can do it without frustration and injuries.
As I am digging deeper into my research, I understand the function of technique as a study and practice to make the body available and adaptable to the endless range of situations possible. Having this understanding, I am inspired by different dance techniques, as well as martial arts and rock climbing.
In my technique class we will experience a practice (with or without a given form) of releasing without collapsing, developing new coordination in the body, stamina, creativity and alertness in dance. we will find the functionality in the body and ways to use its max potential in the movement. We will find the joy in dancing using physical forces and producing and recycling energy.


Video recording: Cristina D'Alberto​



ProArt Festival, Czech Republic​



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Movement Research
Movement research is a beneficial frame to work on elaboration of the body, as well as on our creativity.
In these sessions I am leading individual and/or group explorations based on the CENTER-PERIPHERY-CENTER principle. With given tasks one have the opportunity to explore new qualities relating to space, muscle tone, rhythm, musicality, expression, performative approach etc,  in a focused and reflective form. 
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