The Wall Piece


The Wall Piece was created on a basis of the interest to work with the wall as a partner. What started out as a movement research turned out as a comic video-clip-like short piece playing with the relation between 2d and 3d on stage.


The piece premiered in SEAD, 2011, Salzburg (AT), and performed in "No-Ballet" Festival in Ludwigshafen (GR) and "Machol Shalem" Festival in Jerusalem (IL).




Choreography: Daphna Horenczyk

Performers:  Eeva Bang/Michal Tishler, Evandro Pedroni/Ady Elzam, Jan Jakubal/Alon Bracha/Matan Levkowich, Ma'ayan Horesh/Nahee Lee, Rafaela Sahyoun/Anat Amrany, Ayelet Yekutiel/ Daphna Horenczyk

Music: Berlioz, Deerhoof


Duration:  5:30 min. 


Photography:  Günter Krämmer

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