Daphna Horenczyk is a dance artist based in Munich and Vienna.
Since 2012 Daphna is choreographing independently for stage and for film. Her work was presented in various venues and festivals in Israel and Europe, such as MASH, Intimadance and Suzanne Dellal Center (IL), No Ballet, PAD Mainz and Schwere Reiter (DE),  MAAT (PL), the National Theater of the Faroe Islands and more.  In addition, she is performing as a dancer for choreographers such as Anne Juren (FR/AT), Ceren Oran (TR/DE), Andrea Bozic (HG/NL), Ayelet Yekutiel (IL/BE) and Ariel Cohen (IL).
Born in 1987 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Daphna started dancing at the age of 15. She graduated from the professional dance training program in Kibbutz Ga’aton. After one year of working as a dancer and rehearsal director, she moved to Salzburg to study in SEAD both in the performance and choreography programs. During her studies, she created 3 pieces which had toured in Germany and Israel.

Photography:  Uri Allon

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